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Moderator Apply

Post by KilluaDesigns on Thu Aug 06, 2015 5:01 pm

Your name:Dominik

Your age:14

Your current Minecraft username:KilluaD

Do you have any alt. accounts? (If so please list them):


What languages (other than English) do you know, and to what level [Optional]?:Croatia,Bosnian,Serbian

Do you own the microphone you are using?Yes

Do you have the ability to record video without lag, and upload that video to youtube in a timely manner (within 1 hour of completing recording)?Im not sure

Where are you located? (Time zone):


How much time per day are you willing to assist in the moderation of our platforms? I can be on server almost all day until school begins

How long have you been playing Minecraft? 2 years

How long have you been a member of the TheMystic community? I was following Mystic long time and when Mystic was SG server and when was faction server.Almost all time

Are you involved with any clans, or have been in the past? If so, please list them here:No I wasn't

Do you have any bans on our servers? (If so, explain. If you have had a successful ban dispute, please provide a link):No I haven't been banned

Have you filed any Report Abuses on our system? If so, please provide a link to the most recent closed Report Abuses that you have filed. (Maximum of ten, please) No I haven't filed any report abuse because I don't really have time to play Minecraft,but when I come back at Zagreb I will be on server all day

Have you been a member of another community’s staff, or have relevant work experience? If so, please describe your experience. (Be sure to include your position, server name, length of time served, and a link to the community’s website if available):Well I was SR.Mod already on this server...I mean Legacy Gamers,and I was on HellCraft server Mod


In each scenario, assume that you are in a Moderator position. Briefly explain to the best of your abilities how you would respond to each situation. Well I would be of course very active on server and I will search for hackers,teamers,and I will ban players for not accepting Mystic rules

You are playing a game and you see a player whose actions seem suspiciously like hacking. However, you are not quite certain. What do you do? If im in that situation I will follow him all game and if im not sure yet I will continue follow him and start recording for evidence,and I will call Moderators

A player on the forums publicly accuses you of abusing your powers. They claim to have proof, and are demanding that you be fired. What do you do? Of course I will defend myself.

Two players on our TeamSpeak are verbally fighting in a public channel with 5 other people, and things are getting out of hand. What do you do? I will call Moderator

You are watching the newest video of your favorite TheMystic streamer, who happens to be a VIP on the MCGamer network. Suddenly, you realize the streamer is using a hacked client during their games of MCSG. What do you do? It doesn't matter if is he my favorite streamer or youtuber I will start recording for evidence and report him.

A player is in the hub, incessantly spamming an annoying phrase over and over again. How would you handle this player, and what punishments would you use if they persistently spammed? Assume that the player continues to spam after each successive punishment. If im moderator Ill told him to stop spamm and If he don't stop spamm I will ban him,1st offense.If im not moderator Ill try to told him to stop and if he don't stop ill of course call Moderator


Why do you want to be a moderator on the TheMystic? I wan't to be moderator to help server ban players using hacked clients,and enjoy playing with other players.

Why do you believe you are qualified to be a moderator on the TheMystic? Because Im honest and I of course to help server

How would you like to see the LegacyGamers community improve? I would like to see really nice,and I believe that LegacyGamers/Mystic server will be really big server in future.

What are 3 qualities you have that you feel you could be improved upon? I will be fair moderator,I will ban players using hacked clients or cheating(I mean on teaming on FFA) and I will help server and forum improve.

If you were given the chance to be a moderator, what would your top three goals be? To enjoy help server,ban hackers/cheaters,and of course enjoy having fun with Staff Team.


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Re: Moderator Apply

Post by Searanex on Thu Aug 06, 2015 6:12 pm

Hi there!

Your Moderator Application has been DECLIEND!
Reason  We need full answers with more  details
Send again Moderator Application with full answers!
-Server Owner Searanex


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